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Mountain Biking in Darjeeling


Mountain bike riding can be enjoyed around Darjeeling town and its nearby tea gardens. Whether you’re a novice or an advance rider, you can expect the best rides from the people who started mountain bike touring in this scenic hill town. If you’re not certain about using a mountain bike with gears, we provide short refresher courses to put you out there.We customize itineraries covering the scenic and cultural surprises most travelers don’t get to experience. As pioneers in the adventure tourism industry, we have access to unique and memorable routes in and around Darjeeling. With a selection of easy or technical downhills, challenging uphills and hike-and-bike sections, we guarantee complete satisfaction. We can throw in a spot of river crossings, or snow rides in higher altitudes too. Breathtaking views and unending vistas await you at every bend, with a wide range of landscapes.


Enjoy India’s first mountain biking park

Enjoy India’s first first mountain bike park located inside the Senchel wildlife sanctuary. Senchel an amazing natural treasure trove and who knows, maybe you can run into some rare animals too, anything is possible. Ride into the amazing forest village of Chaktakpur. Our experienced service crew ensure your bike is always in top riding shape, and a medical crew is always on call. We offer a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from budget hotels to campsites. Whatever your fitness level, we have a route for you. This region is replete with virgin MTB routes of varying difficulty levels. We recommend you book with us early, and arrive at least a day earlier, if not more. A sudden shift in weather and altitude may be a bit of a change for your body. Along with short routes, we also have longer routes available.

There is no level of experience for our Mountain Biking excursions. All you need is a good energy to enjoy the experience, and a level of fitness sufficient to take on the adventure. Nawang Trek & Tours provides full-package management of each mountain bike excursion in Darjeeling. Kindly contact us for the Mountain Biking packages.

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